99-Year-Old Great Grandmother Receives Letter Telling Her She Is Pregnant

A 99-year-old great-grandmother has been told by a Portsmouth hospital that she is pregnant in what has been discovered to be an administrative blunder.

According to an Independent reporty, Doris Ayling, from Bognor Regis, West Sussex, received the surprise news in a letter from Fareham Community Hospital asking her to attend their maternity ante-natal unit – despite the letter displaying her correct date of birth.

Ayling, who will turn 100 in November, has three children, seven grandchildren and 13 great grandchildren.

She told the Bognor Regis Observer: “I was a bit amused by it all. I’ve never been to the Portsmouth hospitals and I don’t know where the Fareham hospital is. It’s a complete mystery to me how I got this letter.
”I had three children when I was 20, 23 and 29. That was enough. I’m going to keep the letter because it’s quite a talking point.“

A spokesperson for the Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust told the Independent: “We have written to the lady that was incorrectly sent the appointment letter.”
“It was a rare administrative error and we have apologised for any unnecessary anxiety this error may have caused.”