After Several Weeks, Nigerian Government Finally Wades Into Matter Of Two Students Illegally Detained In Bosnia

After several weeks since the news of two Nigerian students illegally deported to Bosnia-Herzogovinia by Croatian authorities broke, the Nigerian government has raised concern about the plight of two Nigerian table tennis players, Alexandro Abia and Kenneth Eboh.

In a BBC interview, the chairwoman of the Nigerians in Diaspora Commission, Abike Dabiri-Erewa, said she had spoken to the two students, and they were in a bad state.

She added that one of them had fainted while in a migrant camp in Bosnia.

The two were meant to have been sent back to Nigeria on Friday, she added.

Mr Abia and Mr Eboh said they were forcefully deported to Bosnia-Herzegovina from Croatia, where they were attending a university table tennis championship last month.

They say they were mistaken for illegal migrants.

The Croatian government has denied their allegations, saying the students disappeared after checking out of their hotel voluntarily.

Ms Dabiri-Erewa said the Nigerian government would ask the European Union (EU) to intervene if the students were not sent back home this week.

Bosnia-Herzegovina is not a member of the EU.