Alex Iwobi Makes His Mark In Everton’s Two Nil Defeat Of West Ham

The introduction of Nigeria international, Alex Iwobi, to the Everton team has been credited to the improvement of their performance especially their 2-0 victory over West Ham on Saturday.

According to the Liverpoolecho, Iwobi came into the side to face West Ham with the clear task of making Everton quicker in attack, more mobile, more energetic – essentially, make the game as difficult for the visitors as he possibly could.

The Nigeria international’s imperious first half display set the tone every fan of a royal blue wanted to see.

The 23-year-old was making himself known right from the early stages, always asking for the ball and trying to make dangerous runs in behind to stretch the defence of Manuel Pellegrini’s side.

His energy was a nightmare for the defence to deal with and so often he was able to get himself in crucial areas in between the West Ham lines.

That has been all too fleeting from Sigurdsson this season.

His work off the ball was crucial in Everton bringing back their high-press tactics from last season and that amount of effort exerted clearly had its effect in the latter stages of the second half where Iwobi did admittedly tire.

On the ball he was making sure to always go forwards and look to cause problems for the defence, whether that meant dribbling with his strength and pace or finding the right pass.

Regardless, he moved it on quickly and effectively. There was none of the sluggish and indecisive build-up of the last few weeks.

The only mark against his performance was not getting his goal – despite having a fantastic opportunity to in the second half. He’ll be so disappointed to have hit his one-on-one chance straight at the goalkeeper.