Another Tragedy Befalls Angola’s Former First Family As Isabel Dos Santos’ Husband Dies

The erstwhile first family of Angola, received further sad news yesterday when the death was announced of 48-year-old Sindika Dokolo, husband of Isabel Dos Santos, daughter of former Angolan president, José Eduardo dos Santos.

The former Angolan first family have been under intense scrutiny over allegations of corruption ever since José Eduardo dos Santos left office.

Isabel’s brother, José Filomeno dos Santos, was sentenced to a five-year prison sentence for fraud after $500m (£378m) was transferred from the national bank of Angola to an account in the UK.

Mr Dokolo and his wife have been under investigation by the Angolan authorities for allegedly diverting more than $1bn of state funds.

The couple had denied wrongdoing, and insisted they were the victims of a political vendetta.

The deceased, who was born in Kinshasa and raised in Belgium and France, was a prolific art collector, amassing thousands of contemporary African works.

Mr Dokolo’s family confirmed that he had died in Dubai on Thursday.

Friends said he had been involved in a scuba diving accident.