AY Confronts Seun Kuti’s Allegation

Comedian AY Makun released a video on X Wednesday morning addressing an allegation levied against him by Seun Kuti, son of late Afrobeat legend Fela Anikulapo-Kuti.
The skit maker referred to clip released by Seun Kuti in which Seun accused AY of calling his (Seun’s) daughter a dog.
AY explained, while showing snippets of the skit that he was only referring to a trending issue at that time about people eating dog meat and could never have meant it to be a reference to anybody in particular.
Before that explanation though, AY recalled his own search for a baby for thirteen years, which has made him appreciate every living being and would never call someone else’s child a dog.
The comedian also pointed out that Seun Kuti himself “throws shade” at people. Reminding him that Afrobeats singers like Wizkid and Burnaboy have been at the receiving end of Seun Kuti’s shades recently.

At the end of the clip AY offered Seun Kuti two free tickets of his latest film at the cinema, “Merry-Men 3: Nemesis”.

AY’s full reaction can be viewed below, curtsey of The OVA-Media