“Bukola Saraki Hasn’t Cleared Mr. Ibu’s Bill” – VeryDarkMan

Tik Tok influencer, VeryDarkMan, has released a video on his X account clearing the air on claims that former Kwara state governor Bukola Saraki, has paid the bill for Mr. Ibu’s medical expenses.
According to the TikTok influencer, speaking from the hospital where Mr. Ibu is on admission, the bill cleared by Bukola Saraki was from the hospital where Mr. Ibu was on admission previously.
He had been taken to another hospital where an operation was carried out on him. The bill at the hospital Mr. Ibu is currently at is still outstanding.
VeryDarkMan also used the video as an opportunity to appeal to his over Seven Hundred Thousand followers to donate some money for the Nollywood actor.