Faustino To Distribute Condoms By Drones

Retired Colombia international, Faustino Asprilla, has pledged to deliver condoms from his own personal range by drone during the coronavirus crisis.

The former striker forayed into the sexual health field after retiring in 2004, and has been running his own condom company since 2014.

Asprilla also recently pledged to provide 3.5 million contraceptives to help tackle a reported global shortage, caused by the current pandemic, and will also give away one million for free.

The Colombian has unveiled his latest ambitious proposal to ensure his customers can still be supplied during the health emergency.

Asprilla will use a fleet of drones to help counteract the slower than usual production, and shared a photo on Twitter of one of the devices carrying a box of condoms.

The packaging features a photo of the ex-Parma star’s face, and the range will be easily accessible with the company also offering a ‘two-for-one’ promotion.

Malaysian company Karex Bhd, which produces one in five worldwide, was forced to shut down, leading Asprilla to announce that he will hand out some of his surplus.

He took to social media to say: ‘This quarantine due to coronavirus is not a good thing.

‘I have a lot of condoms left in the company and I want people to help me use them… because it is very difficult for me to use them all!

‘I only have 3,580,000 condoms left. Until we can re-open the factory we are not going to produce any more.

‘To help the population I intend to give away a box of condoms as a gift for the purchase of a box of three.’