“Fulani Herdsman Entered Wole Soyinka’s Compound To Look For Missing Cow” – Police

The police in Ogun State have reacted to a viral video claiming that Fulani herdsmen had invaded Professor Wole Soyinka’s house in Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital.

In an attempt to set the record straight, the police said a young Fulani man, Awalu Muhammad, whose cow had got missing entered Soyinka’s vicinity in search of the animal.

“While the Fulani man was searching for the stray cow around Kemta estate where Prof Wole soyinka’s house is located, the Prof. himself, who was going out then saw the Fulani man with some of the cows and he came down to ask where the man was heading to with the cows. He there and then asked the fulani man to move the cattle away from the vicinity,” the police spokesman in Ogun, Abimbola Oyeyemi, said in a statement.

Oyeyemi said the DPO of Kemta division, who heard about the incident quickly moved to the scene with his patrol team.

It was said that the entire place was inspected by the DPO and it was established that it was just a case of stray cow, saying that nothing was damaged or tampered with.

“It was therefore a thing of surprise to see a video trending on social media that the respected Professor Wole soyinka’s house was invaded by Fulani herdersmen with the view to attack or kill him.

“The video is nothing but a calculated attempt by mischief makers to cause panic in the mind of people. There is nothing like invasion of Prof Wole soyinka’s house or any form of attack on his person,” he said.