Infection Rates Slowing Down In Spain And Italy

It has the highest number of confirmed cases in Europe, but the data suggests the deadly outbreak could finally be slowing in Spain.

Official figures show the daily death toll dropped for the fourth day in a row, down to 637. That’s also the lowest number in almost two weeks. The infection rate is also dropping consistently – showing the lockdown measures could be working.

There is however still a long way to go, and the government has suggested people may have to wear masks in public after the quarantine measures are lifted.

Data in Italy suggests a similar trend. The death toll there is the highest in the world, standing at 15,887. But again, infections and daily deaths are dipping, and the number of people in intensive care in Lombardy – the worst affected region in Italy – is decreasing.

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte however has said he is not sure when the lockdown restrictions will be lifted.