Injured Protester Rescued By Patrick Hutchinson Is Retired Police Officer

An injured man who was rescued by Patrick Hutchinson during clashes at a demonstration in London is a retired police officer, it emerged today.

Bryn Male, 55, was rescued by the personal trainer who stepped in during heated scenes between anti-racist activists and some far-right members on Saturday.

Mr Male, a delivery driver, was one of hundreds of counter-protesters who gathered in central London with the stated aim of protecting statues from vandalism.

The Millwall fan got caught up in a clash with the Black Lives Matter protesters, leaving him with a black eye, and Mr Hutchinson was able to rescue him from further harm.

A photograph of the moment made global headlines, with Downing Street hailing Mr Hutchinson as “the best of us”.

British Transport Police confirmed on Thursday that Mr Male is a former police officer, who worked as a detective constable.

“We can confirm Bryn Male worked in the London area as a police officer for British Transport Police, latterly as a Detective Constable,” a spokeswoman for the force told the Standard.

“He retired from the force in September 2014.”

It comes after Mr Male’s son, Harry, said his father wanted to thank Mr Hutchinson for saving him.

The 21-year-old told The Sun: “He probably would, who wouldn’t?”