“It Was Not To Do With Money” Etebo Explains His Reasons For Leaving Stoke City

Peter Etebo insists he was not short of options when it came to leaving Stoke City this month.

“To be fair, after the World Cup I was supposed to go to Watford but when we were preparing for the World Cup, the officials of Stoke City flew down from London to Austria and approached me,” he said in a press conference today.

“The target of the team was just to go back to the Premier League. They had spent a lot of money and it was a good team, a big team, a Premier League team.

“All the same, it didn’t work out. As we all know, to play in the Premier League is a big thing like to play in the Spanish league.

“I had to say to them that since Getafe was looking for me, I need to come and showcase myself here.

“It was not to do with money that I went to Stoke City. It wasn’t because of money or the contract was big, I felt there was an opportunity to go back to the Premier League.”

“It’s a new chapter for me and a new beginning but I was at Spain before at Las Palmas and now it’s about giving my best to the people of Getafe,” he said. “I know it’s not going to be easy but, all the same, it will come from hard work.

“There are five months until the end of the season so let’s see what I can bring to the team.

“I love the team and if I didn’t I wouldn’t be here. One thing I believe in football is that if you go to a good team and a good dressing room where people want you then everything is ready to exploit. It’s not because I want to come to Europe but I love the team and I know it’s going to push my career.”

He added: “It’s not different because we all know in England it’s a competitive game, the games are so intense. Stoke City got relegated and I had to stay to play in the Championship but it’s football, it doesn’t have to be the Europa League, Championship or Premier League – every game to me as a football player is important.

“Even if Getafe is going to play in the Europa League, I just want to see my team doing well. The most important thing is for the group, as a team, to push forward.”