“It’s Nonsense To Protect Slavery Statues” – David Olusoga

Nigerian born TV historian David Olusoga claims it is “palpable nonsense” to say that removing controversial statues “somehow impoverishes history”.

Prof Olusoga says statues, such as those of slave traders, are not useful ways of teaching history or explaining the values of previous eras.

Instead the historian argues they are a continuing public “validation” of people who did “terrible things”.

Prof Olusoga is to be an online school teacher himself this week.

Pupils in the lockdown will be able to watch Prof Olusoga explaining the importance of the census to historians – ahead of the national census in March – and looking at how it can reveal changes of populations and hidden stories.

The University of Manchester professor recently revealed one of his own hidden histories – that he had been at primary school with Paul Gascoigne and the former footballer had rescued Prof Olusoga and his sister from racist bullying.