Jamie Foxx New Film, The Burial, Receives Good Reviews

Jamie Foxx latest film, The Burial, which was released on Prime Video on Friday, has received very good reviews from film critics across the industry.

‘The Burial’ opened to good reviews after its premiere at the Toronto Film Festival, this comedy-drama tells the true story of a flashy attorney, Willie E. Gary, who took on the case of an aging funeral director, Jeremiah O’Keefe (Tommy Lee Jones), who sued a large funeral-home company who reneged on a contractual agreement, scheming to put this humble family man out of business.

This was what the Irish Independent have to say about Foxx, “Give him a good screenplay, and Jamie Foxx will almost certainly bring the noise. He is in splendid form in this snappy, crowd-pleasing legal drama from director and co-writer Maggie Betts.
Inspired by true events, The Burial stars Foxx as flashy lawyer Willie Edward Gary. Clever, charismatic and compelling, there is no personal injury claim too big for Mr Gary, who constantly refers to himself in the third person.
He doesn’t do contractual disputes – that is, until financially snookered funeral-home owner (Tommy Lee Jones’s Jeremiah O’Keefe) comes knocking on his door in 1995.
O’Keefe was supposed to sell some of his business to a smug corporate leech named Raymond Loewen (Bill Camp). Trouble is, the deal was dodgy, and now O’Keefe is in bigger trouble – which is why he needs Willie Gary to help him.
It’s David vs Goliath stuff, and O’Keefe’s case helps expose a rotten core in America’s lucrative ‘death-care’ industry. Jurnee Smollett and Alan Ruck provide strong support here, and this spirited, entertaining film walks, talks and shines like an old-school 1990s courtroom flick.
Ideal Sunday afternoon viewing”.