Lionel Messi Reveals His True Nature In Leaked Whatsapp Audio Message To Sergio Aguero

Lionel Messi has shown his human side in a WhatsApp voice note to Sergio Aguero clarifying an awkward encounter with a YouTuber in Argentina.

Popular eSports gamer Ibai Llanos, who boasts 1.6million Twitter followers, hit the headlines when he met Messi at an Adidas event last year and cracked under the pressure of meeting arguably the world’s greatest ever footballer.

Footage of the meeting went viral as Llanos shook Messi’s hand and posed for a quick photo before instantly walking off and leaving the Barcelona superstar alone when they had been meant to share the stage.

“I don’t know what the hell I’ve done that seems to ignore him when I greet him because of the shame he was giving me, I’m freaking out Messi thought he was drunk,” he wrote on Twitter at the time.

The issue was raised as Messi’s Argentina team-mate Sergio Aguero appeared in Llanos’ show this weekend.

And when he found out, Messi sent a WhatsApp audio to Aguero which was played live on air.

The audio showed his forgiving and humorous side as he joked that Llanos had left him in a bad position but insisted “everything is fine”.

He asked Aguero to let him know the incident was forgotten as he showed a glimpse of his relaxed character behind closed doors.