Man Found Dead In Demi Moore’s Pool Couldn’t Swim

Demi Moore says she is in “absolute shock” after a 21-year-old man accidentally drowned in her swimming pool, according to a Sky news report.

The man, named in reports as Edenilson Steven Valle, was discovered in the backyard pool of a Los Angeles home owned by the actress at 5.30am (1.30pm UK time) on Sunday.

The Los Angeles Police Department said Moore, 52, was not home at the time of the tragedy, and the man was not a relative.
“I am in absolute shock,” the actress said in a statement.
“I was out of the country travelling to meet my daughters for a birthday celebration when I got the devastating news.”

She added that the death, which occurred at a party held by her assistant, was an “unthinkable tragedy, and my heart goes out to this young man’s family and friends”.

When officers arrived at the home in the west of the city, there was a small crowd around the body.

Law enforcement sources told celebrity news website TMZ the man slipped and fell into the pool, but did not know how to swim.