Nazi Salute: Katy Perry’s Ex-Husband, Russell Brand, Comes After The Queen In Facebook Rant

British comedian and ex-husband of Katy Perry, Russell Brand has waded into the Queen’s Nazi salute furore by referring to the Monarch as “Mrs Bratwurst-Kraut-Nazi” in a recent Facebook tirade.

Russell Brand wrote in the Facebook post, “I mean in England we have a Queen for fuck’s sake. A Queen! We have to call her things like “Your Majesty” YOUR MAJESTY! Like she’s all majestic, like an eagle or a mountain. She’s just a person. A little old lady in a shiny hat – that we paid for. Or “Your Highness”! What the fuck is that?! What, she’s high up, above us, at the top of a class pyramid on a shelf of money with her own face on it. We should be calling her Mrs Windsor. In fact that’s not even her real name, they changed it in the war to distract us from the inconvenient fact that they were as German as the enemy that teenage boys were being encouraged, conscripted actually, to die fighting. Her actual name is Mrs Saxe-Coburg-Gotha.
“Mrs Saxe-Coburg-Gotha”!! No wonder they fucking changed it. It’s the most German thing I’ve ever heard – she might’ve well as been called “Mrs Bratwurst-Kraut-Nazi”.

His comments got 89,000 likes, 16,000 comments and has been shared 13,000 times.