“NFF Deserve Sunday Oliseh’s Insults” Onigbinde Says

Former Super Eagles manager, Chief Adegboye Onigbinde, has said Nigerians deserved Sunday Oliseh’s Youtube outburst owing to the barrage of criticisms that trailed his team’s poor outing at the African Nations Championship in Rwanda, according to Goal.com.

“The first issue is about his appointment which he claimed he didn’t beg for the job, in other words, the NFF begged him. And I begin to ask what qualities did the NFF see in him and begged to have him lead the Super Eagles?,” Onigbinde told Goal.
“I still feel it is a big slap on the country to appoint a Nigerian or a foreigner who has never handled any club or a big team to handle the Super Eagles. That is an insult, and now the insult is now being complicated.
“Oliseh is now calling his critics insane. I watched the video and at a point was shedding tears for Nigerian football but we deserve it. Since he got this job, he has been going to Europe for treatment, shouldn’t the NFF have verified his health condition before being appointed. Now he has the gut to insult everybody.”

The former World Cup coach insists Oliseh was never an intelligent choice for the Super Eagles owing to his inexperience and his antecedents while a national team player.

“Also talking about his experience, has he not shown inadequacy in this? For instance, see the way he handled [Vincent] Enyeama’s case. If Oliseh was intelligent enough, he could have commiserated with him first on the loss of his mother and Enyeama would have been worshipping him but he wanted to be a boss,” he continued.
“Have Nigerians forgotten that the national team broke down in Mali as a result of gross indiscipline under his leadership and now that is the kind of person NFF feels is good enough for the Super Eagles job.
“These are the questions we failed to answer before giving him the job and to some extent, he is right in throwing hot water on the faces of those who landed him the job.
“You can imagine a coach coming out a day to the commencement of the African Nations Championship that his players are not well fed and all that, what kind of result do you expect from that kind of coach?
“The question now is, will this not affect our chances in future competitions? Now we are causing more confusion and destroying the team further.
“That is in the hands of those managing Nigeria football. I have made several enemies speaking the truth. The fact is we have administrative problems bedeviling our football,” he concluded.

For a coach telling his employers he was not going to submit a report after his team failed in CHAN is very funny, maybe that was part of the agreement he signed with them. And for a coach who has no programme and cannot submit a report about his team’s successes and failures, how then do we give a way forward?