Nigerians React As President Buhari Embarks On Yet Another Medical Trip

Nigerians on social media have expressed divergent opinions on President Muhammadu Buhari’s trip to London for “routine medical checkup.”

A press release on Twitter from the office of the Presidency stated that President Buhari will be embarking on a routine medical check-up today, March 30 2021.

Twitter users had their opinion about this:

@Negusdafidi, “President Buhari can’t have his medical routine done in his country. ‘E wan be like say the country is hard for Grandpa with many promises.’ Both Masses and ‘Elite’ can’t boast of an excellent health care system. SEGUN EYERINZE sef dey take us catch cruise. POLI-WOOD.

@Austin_2008, “When Coronavirus was so deadly, and when he hadn’t taken any vaccine, he never went to the UK. That’s since 2019. Now he has vaccinated himself and wants to resume medical trips he never did all these while. It’s well.”

@Willy_obinna, “Medical check up for two weeks?.the clone is about to collapse …they need to change it to max special…Nigeria my brodas…afro cinema continues shortly.”

@Ruhboy85, “Now that the curve of Coronavirus has been flattened, ‘Bubu’ has resumed his travelling duty. If he doesn’t know anything, at least he knows how to travel.”

@Omo_Capt, “Least I forget, when Boris Johnson was in ICU did he fly abroad or was treated in his own country? This shows how the Buhari led administration has abandoned the Government hospitals, even the clinic in the villa.”

@Nudeh_Nudeh, “I wish the so-called COVID-19 lockdown could be announced across the EU nations now, to stop this medical tourism and waste or national resources.”

@OObembe, “It is a terrible thing that the president of a country can not depend on his country’s healthcare. Let’s stop this hypocrisy called Nigeria.”

@Victor_Nyakundi10, “He has failed to develop Nigerian hospitals into world class facilities. He can afford London out of the public money (tax).So so unfortunate.”