Nottingham Forest Player Names Dog After Arsenal

Nottingham Forest defender, who scored two goal for his team in their 4-2 defeat of Arsenal, Eric Lichaj, has got his wish of acquiring a pet dog granted after an online campaign persuaded his wife to allow him get one, the BBC reports.

His two goals helped secure a shock 4-2 victory against the cup holders at the City Ground on Sunday.

But it was a deal struck with wife Kathryn that became the biggest talking point in the Lichaj family in the aftermath of Forest’s famous win.

The USA international has been longing for a dog for some time, and he and Kathryn even had a pact – he scores a hat-trick and he gets a dog.

Two goals obviously do not make a hat-trick, but, after Forest team-mates and fans joined in Eric’s crusade, Kathryn eventually had no choice but to relent.

Now Eric, 29, has a dog – and it is aptly named after the side which he scored twice against in the cup. Welcome ‘Gunner’ to the Lichaj family.

“Wanted to show everyone the newest member of the Lichaj family…. Gunner,” said Eric on Twitter.
“Thank you everyone for for pushing @KatPerko in the right direction! #erichasadog”
“I’ve got pictures of dogs being sent to me, a hashtag going #GetEricADog and everyone saying he deserves one,” Kathryn had told BBC Radio Nottingham before giving in.
“We’re watching the highlights on Match of the Day, I’m really proud of him watching the goals over again and he’s still bringing up pictures of dogs.
“He will go to bed and get pictures of dogs up and work out which is best for a family. It was starting to do my head in, so I said if you get a hat-trick we’ll make a deal and you can have a dog.

“I thought, I’m safe here, we’re not going to have a dog.”