Pic Of 9-Year-Old Filipino Boy Using McDonalds Light To Do His Homework Goes Viral

This picture of a 9-year-old homeless boy from the Philippines crouching over an old wooden bench and studying while on the pavement outside a McDonald’s restaurant – because he needed the drive-thru’s light – has been capturing hearts all over.

fillipino boy

According to the Independent, Daniel Cabrera’s family first fell into financial turmoil in 2012 when his father, a construction worker, fell ill and suddenly passed away.

Shortly after, he lost his home in a fire.

Now, his mother, Christina Espinosa, and seven-year-old brother, Gabriel, live in the small stall where Mrs Espinosa helps to sell street food.
The picture was snapped and posted onto Facebook by Joyce Torrefranca, a medical student in the city, who said she’s been “inspired by a kid.”
In another post, she added: “I hope Daniel’s story will continue touching our hearts so that we will always be inspired and motivated in every situation we face in life.”

Speaking about the popularity of her son’s photo, Mrs Espinosa told local media she was shocked but that she is grateful Daniel and his brother concentrate on their studies.

She said: “He goes to McDonald’s to study because there is no electricity in the food stall.”

The manager of the McDonald’s in Mandaue City said the two brothers usually linger around the restaurant to beg for food and change and that staff give the pair water when they ask for it, adding: “I told him that if he will be able to show us a paper with a star, we’ll give him and his brother toys.”

Daniel has told the staff he wants to either become a policeman or a doctor. Wishing him the best of luck.