Private Jet With Minister On Board Overshoots Runway At Ibadan Airport

A private jet, with three crew members and seven passengers including a federal minister, overshot the runway at the Ibadan airport on Friday evening but nobody on board or on the ground was injured.

The aircraft left the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja to Ibadan at 1841hrs (6:41pm) and crashed into the bush short of the runway at about 1921hrs local time and there were no fatalities.

Informed source said that the pilot in command of the flight was cleared of RNAV (Area Navigation, which is instrument flight rules) approach runway 22 when the incident happened and all the passengers and crew were evacuated safely.

“Aircraft was airborne Abuja at 1841 and crashed into the bush short of the Runway at about 1921UTC (local time). No fatalities but the aircraft is sustained substantial damage. The pilot was cleared for RNAV approach Runway 22.
However, all passengers and crew safely evacuated,” says a statement released later concerning the incident.