Rwanda Accepts Hundreds Of African Migrants Fleeing To Europe

The fact that Rwanda is going to host hundreds of African migrants currently being held in Libyan detention centres is proof that Africa can solve its own problems, the country’s president has told world leaders.

Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame made the comments at the UN General Assembly in New York ahead of the arrival of the first batch of migrants on Thursday.

Rwanda’s move was “a clear sign that we can co-operate to address complex problem”, the president said.

“Africa itself is also a source of solutions.”

Rwanda agreed to take the migrants earlier this month in an agreement with the UN refugee agency (UNHRC) and the African Union (AU).

The government has denied that it is getting money from the European Union (EU) to host the migrants, who will be mainly from the Horn of Africa.

In recent years, the EU has reached agreements with some countries to keep migrants from reaching its shores.