“Send Us Back Home Immediately” – Two Nigerian Students Stranded In Bosnia-Herzegovinia Plead

Two Nigerian students currently stranded in East Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovinia, having been wrongly deported to a refugee camp by Croatian authorities have begged to be sent back home immediately.

After their story became public knowledge the two Nigerian students, Abia Uchenna Alexandro and Eboh Kenneth Chinedu were placed at the Immigration Center in East Sarajevo.

The Croatian Ministry of Interior dismissed allegations by Nigerian students that they had been illegally transferred to Bosnia by Croatian police.

In an interview, the students say they cannot believe what is happening to them and have responded to allegations by Croatian media and police.

“We are scared, we were telling the truth what the Croatian police did to us. They accused us of lying because we want asylum in Croatia. We were legal in Croatia, that if we wanted to seek asylum we could have asked for it because we had visas, says Kenneth Chinedu”.

“The police questioned us, we told them what happened, we’ve been here ever since. We can’t go out, we’re not good. We want help, have someone help us, send us home immediately or let us be escorted back to Croatia with UN representatives. We will not go to Croatia without a UN representative, says Alexandro”.

“If they want to send us to Croatia, we must be accompanied by the UN. They denied everything we said they did to us. We need someone to be with us at all times and keep track of what’s going on. We are afraid of returning to Croatia after all they have done to us. We told the truth!

Nigerian students are asking the Bosnian authorities to resolve their situation as quickly as possible because they did not enter Bosnia and Herzegovina illegally.