Tanzanian Comedian Made To Apologise For Face-Swap Post

Tanzania comedian Idris Sultan has been forced to apologise to President John Magufuli for the face-swap photos he shared during the president’s birthday.

The comedian told journalists that he shared the photos in good faith and was using art to celebrate the president.

“I had no ill intentions; I was just wishing the president a happy birthday. If the president did not like my birthday message, I apologise,” he said.

Sultan was summoned by the police a day after he posted the face-swap photos on his social media accounts.

“I have cooperated with the police and a tribunal has been formed to discuss the matter, then the attorney general will on Monday decide whether it will proceed to court,” he said.

The comedian said his birthday message to the president was taken out of context.

He explained that it was an artistic way of celebrating President Magufuli just like musicians would celebrate him with a song.

“The outcome of this case will also have a great impact on the entertainment industry in Tanzania and so my lawyers and colleagues in the entertainment industry are following it closely,” he added.