Thomas Lane, One Of The 4 Ex-Cops Charged For George Floyds’ Murder, Leaves Jail On Bail

Thirty-seven year-old Thomas Lane, one of the four former police-officers charged for the murder of George Floyd, has been released from custody after posting bail.

Thomas Lane, 37, who had been held in lieu of $750,000 cash bail, was freed shortly before 4:10pm from the Hennepin County Jail, a spokesperson from the Sheriff’s Office confirmed.

His attorney, Earl Gray, said the embattled rookie cop accepted bail with conditions and is currently back living with his wife, though declined to specify where citing safety reasons.

Lane’s family members had set up a fundraising page for the ex-cop earlier this week, asking the public for donations for his ‘defense fund’.

The author of the fundraiser called Lane’s bail amount – originally set at $1 million – ‘unreasonable’, and said the 37-year-old did ‘all he could to save George Floyd’s life’.

It’s unclear how much the page generated in donations. The website was ‘under construction’ as of Wednesday and is no longer accessible.