“Tunde Ednut Lost His IG Account Because He Was Posting About Me” – VeryDarkMan

Nigerian Tik Tok influencer, VeryDarkMan, has released a statement on his X (formerly known as Twitter) that Instagram influencer, Tunde Ednut, had his account disabled because he wouldn’t stop talking about him.

Read the full statement:
“The truth of the matter is tunde ednut lost his account because of he didn’t stop posting me,you guys will not understand,the h8 I am facing since I started talking about a lot of injustice and ev!!l is just too much,I wasn’t supposed to say it but it is fact,I made them report tunde’s page”.

The Tik Tok influencer, however, went ahead to direct people to Tunde Ednut’s newly opened IG account, @mazitundeednut.