Twins For Davido And Chioma!

Afrobeat Superstar, David Adedeji Adeleke, popularly known as “Davido” has confirmed news that his wife, Chioma, gave birth to a set of twins.

David also confirmed that the babies arrived within a year of the tragic death of his three-year-old, Ifeanyi, who drowned in a swimming pool last October.

On Saturday, Davido said his faith and his loved ones helped him through the grief.

“It’s very hard…” Davido said at the UnitedMasters SelectCon event in New York, while referring to the unfortunate death of his three-year-old son. “A lot of people that..those things happen to, you’ll never want to believe in God ever in your life.”

“But to still have faith, to still be able to do what I love, having a great team around me and just focusing… I’m almost at the finish line and that’s something that I want people to see.”

When Davido and his wife, Chioma, found out they were having twins, they were “shaking”, the Afrobeat star said at the conference. “And it was in the same month – my son passed last year October, my wife gave birth this year October – its crazy,” he said.