UK’s Post Brexit Foreign Policy To Largely Ignore Africa

The United Kingdom is about to make public its post Brexit foreign in which African countries will be largely ignored.

Its year-long review of foreign and defence policy marks a shift towards Indo-Pacific countries such as India, Japan and Australia.

It will also pave the way for the UK to increase stocks of nuclear warheads.

Labour says the strategy will leave the UK “woefully unprepared”.

It’s not clear if the government will commit to the 2019 Conservative manifesto promised that the UK would continue to spend 0.7% of gross national income on international aid.

They will include a White House-style situation room built in the Cabinet Office as well as a new counter-terrorism operations centre intended to improve the speed of response to terrorist incidents.

Setting out the conclusions of the 100-page document, titled Global Britain in a Competitive Age, the prime minister is expected to say that he is “profoundly optimistic” about the UK’s place in the world and its “ability to seize the opportunities ahead”.

“The ingenuity of our citizens and the strength of our Union will combine with our international partnerships, modernised Armed Forces and a new green agenda, enabling us to look forward with confidence as we shape the world of the future,” he will say.