US Envoy Blocked From Visiting Ugandan Opposition Leader, Bobi Wine

Ugandan soldiers on Monday blocked the US ambassador from visiting the home of opposition presidential candidate Bobi Wine, a pop star whose real name is Robert Kyagulanyi, in the capital, Kampala.

Bobi Wine finished second in last week’s election but rejected the results “with the contempt they deserve”. President Yoweri Museveni – who won a sixth term – has denied reports of election irregularities.

A statement from the US embassy said the purpose of Ambassador Natalie Brown’s visit was “to check on Mr Kyagulanyi’s health and safety, given that he’s effectively been unable to leave his home, with security forces surrounding his residence”.

It said the ambassador “regularly meets with actors across Uganda’s political spectrum” as part of diplomatic engagement.

“We call on the Ugandan government to respect their citizens’ human rights and fundamental freedoms, including the freedom of expression, freedom of assembly and freedom of the press as provided for in Uganda’s own constitution,” the embassy said.

Bobi Wine said his home remains cordoned by the military and he was not being allowed to leave.