Yusuf-Datti’s School, Baze University, Banned From Admitting Law Students For 5-Years

The Council of Legal Education has imposed a 5-year ban on law admissions at Baze University Abuja for consistently violating approved quotas.

In a statement on Friday, the Nigerian Law School said findings showed Baze University, founded by the Labour Party’s presidential running mate Yusuf Datti-Ahmed, was carrying over 347 backlogged law graduates awaiting admission.

The council stated that since 2017, the university has admitted over 750 law students, exceeding its 50 students per session allotment that should have taken 15 years to fill.

It added that Baze also improperly runs a 3-year law degree for some candidates instead of the accredited 5-year national benchmark curriculum.

Consequently, CLE has banned the university from law admissions for five years in the first instance, saying the period will enable resolving the backlog and compliance issues.

The council said follow-up visits would check if remedies have been implemented before considering lifting the sanction. It notified admission bodies like JAMB to steer prospective students away from the university temporarily.